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Portfolio Collection Wedding Day


Foto Baby: Jennifer

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phuket thailand 1

Beautiful Phuket Thailand

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JAPAN Pre Wedding: Sakura Blossom

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Prewedding at Pangandaran Beach

New Life Photography Team:

Photo by Ripto & Yohanes R. Gagahlin
Makeup by Devi & Rita

Click the pictures below and …

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The Wedding of Rudi & Lina

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Engagement at Shanghai Blue

Photo by Ripto & Dodo
Video by Haikal
Makeup by Devi

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outdoor wedding DAMAI INDAH GOLF (6)

Wedding of William and Angelina

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Tokyo Japan Pre Wedding 3

Tokyo Love Story: Indra & Ayla

New Life Photography Team:
Photo by Yohanes
Makeup by Rita

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Singapore Prewedding Willy Maria 1

SINGAPORE Wedding: Willy & Maria

New Life Photography Team:
Photo by Yohanes
Makeup by Rita

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wedding reception of Teguh & Lenna (11)

The Wedding of Teguh & Lenna

New Life Photography Team:
Photo by Wira, Yohanes & Romy

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Foto Studio New Life Photography

Kumpulan foto2 studio dari klien2 New Life Photography.

New Life Photography Team
Photo by Yohanes, Ripto & Gani.
Make up & Hair Do by Nani, Listy, Hesty, Ida
Wardrobe …

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BALI Prewedding: Camel Riding

New Life Photography Team:
Photo by Dodo
Makeup by Rita

Diambil di Hotel Nikko & tanah Lot Bali

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New Life Studio 1


Studio baru New Life Photography akhir nya kelar juga pengerjaan nya, setelah memakan waktu beberapa bulan… Studio baru ini yang merupakan perpaduan unik dari semi …

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The Wedding of Ranu & Ollyve

New Life Photography Team
Photo by Eko & yoseph
Makeup by Listy

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New Life Underwater Photography.

New Life Team:
Photo by Yohanes & Haikal
Makeup by Devi

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Contoh-contoh foto dari paket fotobooth New Life Photography.

Unlimited Time, Unlimited Photos!
Printer Kodak
1 Photographer & Assistant, Notebook & Paper

Free Layout Frame Photo
Photobooth Accessories
Untuk harga paket …

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Macau Prewedding: Rio & Lina

New Life Photography Team:
Photo by Yohanes & Gani
Makeup by Rita

Taken in Macau.

Click the pictures below and push the …

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Lokasi Pre-Wedding di Pulau Bidadari

Pulau Bidadari adalah sebuah resort wisata di kepulauan seribu yang paling dekat dan berjarak sekitar 15 km dari Jakarta, dapat ditempuh 30 menit menggunakan speedboat …

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Green Canyon 1 (2)

Pre Wedding at Green Canyon

Green Canyon menawarkan lokasi yang cantik dan mangagumkan. Green Canyon sendiri sebenarnya tempat ini punya nama asli yaitu Cukang Taneuh. Green Canyon Indonesia ini terletak …

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studio pre wedding

Pre Wedding: Fariz & Julia

The couple wanted glamour concept for their pre wedding photo. They choose Sampoerna house as their pre wedding location.

Photo by Ripto & Yohanes

TO …

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Eddy Ellen (16)

The Wedding of Eddy & Ellen

New Life Wedding Photo by Ripto & Wira.

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sawarna 18

Pre Wedding at Pantai Sawarna

Pantai Sawarna merupakan tempat wisata pantai baru di sisi selatan Propinsi Banten. Kawasan ini dulunya berupa hutan pantai yang dikenal dengan nama desa siluman. Kawasan …

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BALI Pre Wedding: Putra & Anggre

Bali is simply magical. I have always a soft spot for Bali landscapes. It offers a nice variety and some of the most beautiful cultural …

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Foto PreWedding Bali 1

BALI Pre Wedding: Prakash & Renu

Prakash & Renu both Indian. Rarely do I meet real Indian clients who really citizens of India… They both came from India and works in …

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HONG KONG Pre Wedding: Rio & Lina

This is Rio and Lina. When he looks at her you can tell he knows just how lucky he is. I don’t know how they …

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The Wedding of Fajar & Az Zahra

I am so happy to finally post Fajar & Az Zahra’s wedding photos. It has been a busy year for me. I had no idea …

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gaun malam 01 Eternek-Tosca

Contoh Gaun Malam New Life Photography

Beberapa contoh2 gaun malam yang tersedia di New Life Photography. Kami memiliki koleksi puluhan gaun2 malam, gaun pesta, gaun wedding, kebaya dll.

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Foto Maternity Cecilia 5

Maternity Photo: Cecilia & Darren

A Happy couple waiting for their first baby… And It’s A Boy!

New Life Photography Team:
Photo by Haikal
Makeup by Devi

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Pre Wedding Foto: Taufik & Intan

Taufik & Intan are such a fun couple and I am so happy for them. They want something cool and sexy for their pre wedding …

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Macau Pre Wedding 3

MACAU Pre Wedding: Maggie Hu & Tony Leung

One of the best parts of my job as photographer / life capturer is that I am able to travel to so many places. This …

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Pre Wedding Four Season 3

Pre Wedding: Alvin & Martha

This couple, location, atmosphere…everything was just amazing. We felt so lucky to have a privilege to capture moments in Alvin and Martha’s life and soon …

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THAILAND Prewed: Prima & Arghia

I had such a wonderful time with Prima & Anggi during their prewedding photo session last week. They are such a beautiful young couple, poised …

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Wedding: Handres & Kartika

Wedding Day: Handres & Kartika
Diperbarui pada hari Senin
Theres is something unique and beautiful about Handres & Kartika wedding, because part of Indonesian and part of …

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Pre Wedding Singapore Denis-5b

SINGAPORE Pre Wedding: Denis & Budhi

We only had 1 day to prepare this prewedding shot & it must be done at Singapore… so we grab our tools and flight to …

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Baby Jessica

She is fresh from Heaven. If you lean in close enough you can smell eternity lingering on her skin. She is perfect, her little head …

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Pre wedding-Gian-Susanti

Pre Wedding: Gian & Susanti

These two, they make our job easy. So sweet together and so in love, Gian & Susanti are a dream couple to photograph. The couple …

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Pre Wedding: Chandra & Maya

These two, they make our job easy. So sweet together and so in love. Thank you both for being so wonderful during our shoot.
It …

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Foto Keluarga: Limantoro & Family

A lovely family photo. They love each others!

Photo by Yohanes

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Wedding Day: Ivan & Selvy

New Life Photography Team:
Photo by Gani, Dwi & Yohanes
Video by Febri & Yosef

See our Ivan …

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Pre Wedding: Leo & Sherly

Our Leo & Sherly prewedding shot took place at unique house with Marrocan architecture and Mediterranean ambience at Marocco House.

We have a lot of …

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Foto Pre Wedding: Aldrin & Valeria

Our photo session at beautiful old city of Jakarta: Sunda Kelapa & Kota Tua

Photo by: Yohanes & Haikal
Makeup by: Devi
Dress by Acih

[label icon=”icon-gift” …

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Pre Wedding Studio: Ricky & Elsa

Our Photo Studios session with Ricky and Elsa.

NEW LIFE Photography Team
Photo by Yohanes with Ripto
Makeup & Hair Do by Listy
Dress by Aci

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Pre Wedding: Handres & Kartika

A lovely Prewedding session at Kebun Raya Bogor.

New Life Photography Team:
Photo by Ripto & Gani
Makeup & Hair Do by Listy

[special_font size=”16″ …

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Wedding Day: Regan & Nina

We are fortunate to get the opportunity to shoot Regan & Nina wedding. Regan is an Autralian & Nina is Javanese, they met in Bali, …

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Pre Wedding: Riki & Nidia

‘Our Fairy Tale’ is the theme for this prewedding. When the Prince met the Princess in the forest, they fell in love at the first …

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Pre Wedding: Nova & Charles

We took our pre-wedding shot at The Breeze cafe in Jakarta, the couple wanted some intimate, simple and elegance prewedding session. Their smile, their …

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Liputan Wedding Adat Jogja-Caesar-10a

Wedding Day: Caesar & Severine

Caesar & Severine menikah dengan adat jogja di Bandung

( …to be continued, more photos will be uploaded )

PHOTO by Gani and Yohanes

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foto prewedding ancol herry 2

Pre Wedding: Herry & Tissa

One of the best parts of my job as a photographer is that I am able to be around people in love. Herry and Tissa …

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Pre Wedding Concept: Funny (with Ranu & Ollyve)

I love spending time with couples in love. Their joy in each other is so sweet. So it is with Olia and Ranu. They are …

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Pre Wedding: Firman & Nova

Firman & Nova are a very special couple. You can tell from these images just how cute and fun they are. Next month they will …

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Liputan Wedding Bali Andry 20

Wedding Day: Andry & Meylany

We have heavy rain for 2 days in Bali and we have to shot Outdoor almost entirely.
For two days we never see the sun, but …

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Foto Studio: Nita & Adiguna

Untuk pengambilan foto studio ini berlokasi di New Life Studio dengan gaya pengambilan foto yang sedikit soft.

Photo by Gani
Make up & Hair Do by Listy
Wardrobe …

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Pre Wedding Outdoor di Banten-2

Pre Wedding: Frank & Eunice

First time I met with Frank & Eunice, I knew that their prewedding photos would be great, and it really is.
Although we start with a …

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Foto Pernikahan Bernard Aling 27

Wedding Day: Aling & Bernard

Finally they’re married! … after 2 prewed session with us…

Bride & Groom Preparation process…

( …to be continued, more photos will be uploaded )

PHOTO by Eko, …

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Foto Pre Wedding Kota Tua Nunung Benny 3

Pre Wedding: Nunung & Benny

It was fun to take picture of Nunung & Benny. They are adorable couple, humble and very traditional. We created something nostalgic and memorable of …

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Foto Pernikahan Kota Tua 6

Foto Pre Wedding: Grand & Mona

Untuk foto prewedding Grand dan Mona ini, kita mencoba eksperiman dengan teknik pencahayaan dan editan yang sengaja dibuat “over” dari biasa nya. Teknik pencahayaan yang …

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Prewedding Aling & Bernard at Singapore 5

Singapore Prewed: Aling & Bernard

Aling & Bernard will marry in Dec 2012, so we take a time to take another prewed shot at Singapore, before their wedding shots.

These …

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foto pre wedding : Melody 4

Potrait: Melody

…Isn’t she so lovely?

Photographing the lovely Melody was one of the highlights of this month for me. Not only is she stunningly beautiful, she is …

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Pre Wedding: Aditya & Ajeng 12

Foto Pre Wedding: Aditya & Ajeng

Aditya & Ajeng pre wedding was absolutely fantastic!

From the moment Aditya & Ajeng started getting ready till the last picture was just amazing.
We shot their …

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Liputan Wedding Yuri Irene 20

Wedding Day: Yuri & Irene

First time I met Yuri & his fiancee Irene in Semarang when I was taking photos of their engagement.

We spent there a day, but I …

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Foto Pre Wedding Nico & Sasa 5

Pre Wedding: Nico & Sasa

Nico and Sasa are a wicked and fun couple!

The shot was taken at Bali for 2 days. The weather was just perfect. They both …

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Wedding Ceremony: Irwan & Jessica 23

Wedding Day: Irwan & Jessica

Irwan & Jessica are good friends of my sister, and it was an honor to be a part of their wedding day. It was awesome …

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Foto Pre Wedding Chandra Grace 5

Pre Wedding: Chandra & Grace

Chandra and Grace are two awesome people who gave me the honor to capture the most exciting day of their life, which indeed was exciting! …

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Foto Pre Wedding Yuri & Irene 6

Pre Wedding: Yuri & Irene

It was a lot of fun to photograph Yuri and his beautiful fiancee Irene at Yogyakarta.
The couple are both shy, but we get a lot …

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Wedding Ceremony Aliung & Evy 6

Wedding Ceremony: Aliung & Evy

I was told at the last time to take shot at this wedding day. But Aliung and Evy made sure to make their wedding day …

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Pre Wedding: Ica & Resti 6

Pre Wedding: Ica & Resti

Ica & Resti are 2 very incredible people, and very unique!

These guys are adorable and are so much fun. Enjoy their photos as really they …

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Pre Wedding Bernard & Aling 2

Foto Pre Wedding: Bernard & Dian

It was a lot of fun to photograph Bernard & Dian.
Both are adorable. We knew they are going to have an amazing wedding.
Hope you …

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Foto Potrait Angelina 4

Potrait: Angelina

I love this portfolio. It is a wonderful representation of the magical place and this beautiful girl.
Angelina is absolutely the center of attention. She …

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Foto Potrait Winny 2

Potrait: Winny

I had the joy of capturing Winny.

She is so genuine and kind.
I discovered that if I wanted to get her smiling and talking, …

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